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You may need a new roof - a large and very important investment. There are so many roofing companies in this area. Many will do a good job. Some will not. Will you know the difference before it is too late?

Here's the advice you'll find on every roofing website, in every home improvement magazine:

• Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed, insured and bonded.
• Obtain a written proposal and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and complete specifications including start and completion dates and payment procedures.
• Price should be only one factor in your choice of a roofing contractor. Quality workmanship and professionalism should weigh heavily in your decision.
• Keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid - you may find that in the long run the lowest bid may cost you the most.

We think there is so much more. Your comfort with your choice of a contractor and a stress-free roofing experience - long after the job is completed -- is paramount.

Aklym Roofing and Siding believes that every detail of a job's implementation is as important as the project is as a whole. We view every incoming project as if it was for our own home - with acute attention to detail and a respect for each home's unique character. Combining expert old-world craftsmanship and work ethics with the most modern techniques and materials, we have the best knowledge of what needs to be done and the expert level professionalism to get it done. We work with you throughout your job to exceed your every expectation. From assistance in selecting material and
desiqn, to project implementation utilizing the highest quality workmanship, to convenient scheduling, to meticulous clean-up and superior value, Aklym Roofing and Siding provides a level of customer service and professionalism that has earned high respect on the Main Line. We have worked hard to gain your trust while working toward our mutually beneficial goal of building a long-term relationship with homeowners on the Main Line. Our first priority is your satisfaction.

Aklym Roofing and Siding cannot be your cheapest alternative ... but more importantly, Aklym Roofing and Siding guarantees superior value, high quality results, the highest level of customer service, and the comfort of knowing - long after the project is finished - that you chose the right contractor for your job.

To discuss your roofing needs, call Aklym Roofing and Siding at 610-888-4153 ... ask for our portfolio of customers in your neighborhood

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